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I Saw It in a Vision

You may recall last week's post about how to tell when we've truly gotten better as a team.  Item #1 on that list was the following:

"When you don't read one, single article prior to training camp about how one of our guys has turned over a new leaf, gotten in shape, found Jesus, made up with the coach, discovered a new commitment to defense, or decided to just keep his mouth shut and play this year."

Right on cue, RealGM's Scoop du Jour, quoting in part from Jason Quick, informs us that Darius is overachieving by giving us the double-whammy:

"Darius Miles, who recently became a re-born Christian, has refused to talk to the media all summer and wants to let his game do the talking - something that he has never, ever done."

(sigh)  I found out about the "play doing the talking" part from Quick's blog soon after I had posted mine (same calendar ironic).  The born-again stuff was news to me until this morning.  What's funny is I just threw in the whole "finding Jesus" thing because it seemed amusing and because nobody had actually used it that I can recall.  (And that's about the ONLY thing we haven't heard over the years.)  I never dreamed it would actually come up.  Then again, you can't settle down and get married every summer so you have to search for new material to give people confidence in your newfound stability.

Seriously though, I'm a little bit freaked.  Do you think this is a message from above that I've been given some freaky gift of prognostication?  If so, is it a tragic waste to use it on Darius?

OK...quickly... Daniel, don't take the job!  Fred, yes, ask her!  Everyone else 6-9-14-31-38-42!  There ya go.

--Dave (