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Five More Years

As you all know by now, Joel Przybilla has decided to re-signed with the Blazers for a reported 5 year, $30 million contract.  It's not very often in the NBA that a contract is actually indicative of a players worth, but luckily for the Red and Black, Przybilla's contract is neither too fat nor too spendthrift.  That's really what a good contract should be, as it sets realistic goals and expectations for both the player and the organization.  When you're overpaid, everyone gripes that you're not doing enough.  When you're underpaid, it creates distraction, jealously, and a perfidy on the part of the player.  Joel's contract is a perfect and increasingly rare situation in which both parties get equal value.  It's what happens when people make decisions for the right reasons.

The Blazer's decided to retain Joel because he's got the combination of skill and attitude needed to create a successful product.  Joel made his decision out of loyalty, duty, and with a mind toward his family.  He could have signed on with a team far more playoff ready than the Blazers, choosing to be that guy in class who bails on his dysfunctional group just before the due date, only to take up with that goody-two-shoes group full of suck-ups and teacher's pets. Sure, you end up with a good grade, but where's the pride? The dignity?  The sense of accomplishment?  

And congratulations to Pritchard and Patterson for actually making some meaningful decisions based on common-sense.  It's about time.