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Come Together, Right Now, Over Lease.

Via Eric Marentette, we learn that Portland Arena Management and Vulcan Inc. have agreed to play nice with each other. I'm not sure what that means at this point, but the way I see it, it means that a) PAM and Vulcan have settled on a price for the Blazers and the Rose Garden, or b) that PAM is willing to re-structure the lease with Vulcan, and thus "allowing" Paul Allen to keep control of the team. There is surely more to come on this. Get crackin' Helen!

Update: Jung delivers as always. "The Podiatrist" informs us that the understanding between PAM and Vulcan signals that the Rose Garden and the Trail Blazer's are for sale as a package. Now the offers should be coming thick and fast. So long Paulie! Se ya on Tatoosh!