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Draft Live Blog

Rather than updating over and over, I'm going to go live blog style.  Barrett and Rice sound like they know the Blazer's are going to get the 2nd pick, probably by giving Chicago the #4 and #7 picks.  I'm pretty sure it's to get Aldridge, as Barrett and Antonio Harvey both siad that they thought Charlotte would take Morrison with the #3 pick.

Viktor Khyrapa involved in the deal to get the #2 pick from Chicago.

Bulls take Aldridge, and he's coming to the Blazers! I love it! Awesome news IMO. I'll really miss Viktor though if he is involved.

Chicago gets #4 and Viktor, and the Blazers get Aldridge. Bittersweet. I'll miss that big Ukranian.

The Bobcats take Morrison. Looks like whoever ran the "Draft the Stache" campaign might have also ran the Dukakis campaign as well.

The Chicago deal also has "future considerations" which probably means a draft pick next year, which is great for the Bulls if you figure the Blazers aren't going to be a whole lot better next year.

Barrett saying Roy is the target at #7. Sounds great to me.

Blazer's pick Thomas for Chicago. Enjoy the hat Tyrus.

Hawks take Sheldon Williams. Everyone knew that one was going down.

Minnesota takes Roy. That's kind of a bummer. I'm hoping the Blazer's take Gay with the #7 pick now, though I'd be happy with Foye.

Wheels is claiming the the Blazers might be getting Roy from Minni. Wheels says it's not for one of the later picks. Could another player be involved? This is crazy.

Celtics take Randy Foye for the Blazers, and the Blazers will give Foye to Minnesota for Roy and...something. I'm liking this for the most part, but they may be giving up a little too much for these picks. There are going to be a shit ton of new Blazers next year.

Martell is on now saying he can play SF to make way for Roy. That's nice of him.

Golden State takes O'Bryant. Lots of moves in the Bay as well.

Sounds like they got Roy for more "future considerations." Couldn't be that much IMO.

Sonics taking Saer Sene in what people are assuming is a pick for someone else. I'm going to try and get the altenator out of the VW, but I'll be back. Keep commenting!

I showed that altenator who's boss.

LaMarcus sounds a little out of it, but like a good kid. On that note, Antonio Harvey sounds much better when he's not calling a game.

Wheels says #30 and #31 are in play. Sounds like something is happenning soon.

Douby. No way that guy could have come to Portland.

76er trade the rights to someone who's name I can't pronounce to Chicago for Rodney Carney and some other stuff.

New Yorkers love to boo. I'm sure that kid is glad he's hanging at home.

Nets take Marcus Williams. Maybe another new Blazer? I wouldn't mind that.

I'm going to state right now that Paul Allen isn't selling. These moves have P.Diddy's mark all over them. Pay more to get what you want? That's not what you do when you're looking to sell.

New Jersey takes Josh Boone. I don't care for him much, so I'm hoping that's not who the Blazer's traded the lower picks for, if that in fact is a reality.

Mike Rice just said Josh Boone is a "comer"? Does that mean what I think it means?

Wheels says the #27 Phoenix pick may be for the Blazer's, but not for the other picks. Could Travis Outlaw be out the door?

Phoenix picks point guard Sergio Rodriguez, and Wheels says he's coming to the Blazer's for cash considerations. More proof that Allen is keeping the team IMO.

#31 may have been dealt.

Here's how everything shaked out. I wish they would have held on to Alexander Johnson, but I guess you can only have so many draft picks. Joel sure as hell better re-sign.