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Mock Cr-Apple Pie

Car still won't start, or do anything for that matter, but the alarm obviously got sick of being yelled at by my neighbors since it finally decided to cease and desist.  It must be hard being an alarm sometimes.

So in regards to who is thinks who is going where, Chad Ford (via Eric, who obviously can afford ESPN Insider) somehow found out that the Blazer's don't covet Morrison as highly as everyone thought or seems to think.  He has Aldridge, Thomas, Bargnani, and Gay all above Morrison on the Blazer wish-list.  I should have my head examined for putting so much stock in what Ford has to say, but I buy this.  Of course, someone from Blazer HQ could have given a call to Ford to give him this "secret" information with the hopes driving down Morrison's value in an attempt to get him at the #4, but who knows at this point.

Both Quick and Canzano make the homer picks, not that there's anything wrong with that.  After the whole Quick mini-blind controversy though, can you imagine anyone who would be more in the dark about who the Blazer's are going to draft than The Jasons?  I mean, Blazer HQ has to have them on a 100% blackout right now.  By the way, in regards to Quick's reporting, I heard again yesterday on "Around the Horn" that Gay "dominated" Morrison at the Blazer's pre-draft workout.  It's crazy how, when there's a lack of information due to private workouts, that the media will run with any tiny little tidbit and regurgitate it ad nauseam.  The players would probably be better off having open workouts.  At least then small mumblings and rumors wouldn't be the sole source of information.

On a side note, I wouldn't be surprised if Quick found himself in the middle of a little litigation regarding this matter, if not from the Blazers, then possibly from Morrison and his agent.  You could make a pretty strong case that Quick's reporting of supposed private events caused Morrison financial damage.  It's a long shot, but with all new endorsement money, Adam can probably afford to squeeze The Oregonian's shoes a little bit.

I guess I used my brilliant mock-related title for nothing, as I didn't mention a whole lot of mock drafts.  So in an effort to not let such a clever wordplay go to waste, throw your mock draft and any other thoughts in the comments.  And on that note, I really appreciate the increased commenting on this site.  Dialog is always more interesting than my fairly obvious observations standing on their own in the cool, lonely breeze. Some of y'all should consider posting a diary or two.  It's easy, just click "Post New Diary" on the right there.  You got much wittier and intelligent ideas than I do, though that's not saying a whole lot.  And I know you'll have plenty more to say after the draft, so give it a go you lazy SOBs.

Well, I'm off to find a bus schedule.