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It's Carnival!

A new Carnival of the NBA is percolating over at the very well written and designed Celtics Blog. Also, check out their take on the Telfair to Boston rumor.  Fan sentiment seems to be split about down the middle, which tells me that it's possible it could go down, whatever it may entail.

The two most likely scenarios seem to be Sebastian for Boston's pick or Al Jefferson.  I like Telfair, but I wouldn't be averse to trading him for either of those two options.  And yes, if traded, Seabass will probably grow nine inches and become the next Magic Johnson, but who knows what his long-term plans are anyway.

Update: This one looks likes it has legs. Chad Ford (via TrueHoop) says the trade would be a healthy Dan Dickau and the #7 pick for Telfair. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, even without Dickau. In fact, I almsot like it better without the Dick. Give that roster spot to one of 30 or 31st pick.