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Linking Ship

The search for the perfect draft pick goes on, though without the rude gaze of the media. I know people have differing opinions about Quick's little peepshow, but personally, I appreciate any reporter trying to get information out to the public. Here's a little taste of what's happening (at least as of about three days ago).

  • Quick's wingman Mike Tokito reports a little about LaMarcus Aldridge's personal workout, and that Tyrus Thomas cancelled his workout with the Red and Black, all but signaling that the Bulls are taking him at #2. I really hope this guy falls to #4. If anyone can improve Aldridge's bench press, it's Bobby Medina. Medina's the mother bee, cause he gets dudes stung. I'm talking straight-up swollen.

  • Brian Hendrickson of the Columbian has a Blazer-related blog, and a post that pretty much states the same thing as Tokito's Aldridge post. The Blazer's new media policy at work I guess.

  • And by the way, why does Hendrickson get billing over yours truly on the HoopsHype blog page? He's only been blogging for three months! I've been putting in work for way longer than that. I mean, the Behind the Blazers Beat and Eric's Blazer blog, that makes sense, but putting Canzano, Ian Furness, and now Hendrickson ahead of BlazersEdge? That's cold. Hyperborean even. Looking at that list, you'll notice that the Blazer's have more blogs devoted to them than any other franchise which is great, though Canzano and Furness aren't really "devoted" to the Blazers.

  • And while we're on the subject, Roscoe over at The Middle Foam Finger (which is more of a Blazer blog than Canzano or Furness would or could ever be), does a nice little bit of photoshopping. The Assmus would be proud.

  • Dwight Jaynes (via the ever-prolific and re-designed Eric Marentette) agrees with me on Adam Morrison. Or I agree with him. Whatever.