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I Was Wrong

I submit. At first I thought we should go after Aldridge, and then Roy, but after analyzing all the facts, I've come to the conclusion that we should go with the local boy. The white kid. The guy who lead the nation in scoring. All heart, with an unparalleled desire to win. Played in a smaller conference, but put up big numbers game in, game out despite being consistently double and triple teamed. First team All-American. Once scored 50 points in a game. A prolific scorer, though a little suspect on defense. Sure to bring the fans back to the Rose Garden. That's right, I'm giving into public sentiment and putting my support behind Eric Fiegi, former Corban College standout and current leading scorer for the Salem Stampede of the International Basketball League.

Fiegi is from Medford and played his college ball in Salem, which is way more local than either Spokane or Seattle. He doesn't have the molester-esque facial hair that some equally creepy fans celebrate, but his curly red hair is certainly recognizable. He's already worked out twice for the Blazers, so it's obvious that someone in the front office sees the same thing that I do: A game changing offensive weapon with the abiltiy to reconnect to the local fan base.

So where's the love? Where's the "Draft the Red Warrior" campaign? No feature article from The Jason's; Canzano or Quick. No group of marauding douche bags congregating at the Blazers practice facility to cheer him on. Is it racism? Localism? I'm sick of the continued persecution of small-town Oregonians. Fiegi has proved himself just as worthy of the Blazer's fourth pick as anyone else in the draft. All he needs is a bunch of media hype to kick-start his future as a Trail Blazer.

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