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Slow Jams

  • Still not many Blazer-related happenings.  Dwight Jaynes says things are moving, but at a snails pace, on the sale of the Blazers and the Rose Garden.

  • People continue to vote and comment in the annual OregonLive "You Be the GM" feature.  Eric was also kind enough to post the results from seasons past, once again proving how fickle we Blazer fans are.

  • Speaking of the "GM" voting, Z-Bo tallied a 65% in favor of shipping his supple ass out the Metro, but according to's Indespensable vs. Expendable rankings, Zach was the 4th most indespensable player to his team in the NBA, meaning that those people wanting to ship Z-Bo might want to reconsider, at least if they actually want to see the Red and Black return to some form of competativeness. As a side note, Kenyon Martin, a player who some think may be traded for Zach straight-up, is the third most expendable player in the Association. One step forward, two steps back eh?

  • Lets see, what else... oh yes, I found this little piece of farce on RealGM yesterday, so it seems like at least everyone hasn't forgotten that we do actually have NBA teams here in the Northwest (though who knows for how long).

  • Fox Sports and Dime Magazine are conspiring to make me sick.

  • Finally, no real leads on who "Row two, third from the left" is yet, other than the one e-mail I've received stating that "RTTFTL" is an assistant of Bobby Medina.  It would make sense for RTTFTL to be a worker bee at the hive, cause that kid is stung!