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Picture Perfect

First off, I have to give a huge helping of kudos to Eric Marentette for finding this little ray of digital sunshine.  If by any chance you're wasting your time reading this blog and not Eric's, then you're really not much of a Blazer fan.  No offense, but that's just a fact.  So if you're reading this Eric, you've got a foot washing coming your way from yours' truly.

Every now and then, an image comes along that is so classic that it can make even the most atheistic of us believe in a God.  This is surely one of those occasions.  We all know that Zach missed picture day at Center One, and some of us know that they got a stand-in to keep his place, but no one thought that they were actually going to release the pre-photoshop photo.  I'm not going to muddle this moment by going on and on about how this one picture summarizes Z-Bo's season and the borderline criminal ineptitude of the franchise.  No, no, all I'm going to say is "Row 2, third from the left."  Suck it in.

The first person who finds the name of this intrepid young man who had the courage to step in for Mr. Randolph will not only earn my eternal gratitude, but also some fine pieces of Blazer memorabilia.  We cannot stand to let row 2, third from the left remain in obscurity, for he is truly our franchise player, and maybe, just maybe, our messiah, for he has come to guide us out of the barren desert of futility.  Come forth young man and shine your light upon us.  Your time has come.