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Draft Punk

You knew it was going to happen.  I'm not going to go into all the reasons why I'm not too upset about the Blazer's getting screwed this time around as you've probably already begun the self-rationalization, or, if you were really banking on the Red and Black landing that number one, are too hung over to care.  And honestly, some of us are never going to be happy, so what's the difference between one and four?  Best case scenario; the number four pick allows the Nash and Patterson to pick Brandon Roy, the guy that many of us (myself included) want the Blazers to pick anyway.  Worst case scenario (once again in my opinion) is that Adam Morrison is still on the board and the "best player available" credo wins out, in which case The Stache comes to Portland to continue the illustrious tradition of successful Gonzaga players in the NBA.  Hey, we could have the next Mike Champion fall right into our laps!

Update: Jason over at proves mathematically what most of us already knew in our gut; that the Blazers are unlucky when it comes to the draft.

Updated Update: Eric over at OregonLive has alerted me to a mistake in the article. When selecting the Blazers draft history, it says that Portland expected the 4.7 pick in 2005, but received the 6 pick, resulting in a negative difference of 1.3 spots. But the more astute of us know that the Blazers got the 3rd pick last year, but traded it for the 6th and 21st pick, or something like that. That in turn gives the Blazers a positive difference of 1.7 picks. Does that make anyone feel better?