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Balls in New Jersey

Today's the day.  It's a shame that ending the regular season with the worst record only gives you a 25% crack at getting the number one pick, but if my momma taught me one thing, it's that life ain't fair.

At this point you know the story: Only two teams with the most number of ping pong balls have ever received the first pick.  I'll admit that I'm nervous, but the fact that there is no clear-cut number 1 soothes my worries a little.  Keep'em crossed today.  It goes down at 4:30 Westside time.

Besides the draft, the Blazers are also starting the daunting task of bringing in rookies for work-outs.  Today Marcus Vinicus (Brazil), Denham Brown (UConn), Corey Belser (San Diego), and Chris Rodgers (Arizona) hit the court to try and prove they're worthy of a roster spot, or at least a week worth of per dieme at the Las Vegas Summer League.  I don't know much about any of these guys but Rodgers, and what I do know of him ain't good.  Me thinks that if Chris went to Wilson High in Hoboken NJ, that he wouldn't be getting a call from Blazer brass.

Update: Obviously I don't know the story. Three teams since 1990 with the most losses have lucked into the first pick.