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It's Oh So Quite

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Mums the word around the land of the Red and Black.  The draft lottery is in a few days, which will lead to a major up-tick in Blazer related action, but until then, not many blip on the radar.  Here's what little I could dig up:

  • Mike Barrett tells us that Steve Blake just got back from France with his wife, who is expecting (as I informed you well over a month ago) a baby boy in the not-to-distant future.  Hopefully Steve got to talk some shit to a few Tony Parker fans.
  • New Blazer blogs are popping up all over the net, which fills my heart with gladness.  Welcome to what one Laker fan (and a smart one at that) calls "the best group of bloggers out there."  You know if a Laker fans is saying it that it must be true.
  • Speaking of new blogs; even though it goes against every fiber of my Duck-loving (and conversely Beaver-hating) being, I recommend checking out the new SBNation OSU blog "Building the Dam", at least if you're into the Cow College. And by the way, if you've got some blogging skills and have any interest in the Ducks, send me off an e-mail, as I hear the bigwigs at SBNation are looking to start up an Oregon site.
  • In even more blog news, Deadspin is hosting the Carnival of the NBA, which is always worth a read through.

  • In more schadenfreude, at least the Blazers aren't the only Portland related sports figures with problems.

That's all I got.  Feel free to add any links you may know of in the comments, and keep running that draft simulator.