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The Little Things: OregonLive Rip-off Edition

Happy Monday.  Here's what's what:

  • From Jason Quick and Mike Tokito's Behind the Blazer Beat Blog: Damon Stoudamire is out of the hunt for the franchise, if that surprises anyone.  Damon also thinks Przybilla is out the door as well.  I wish I could disagree. (Update: Thanks to Eric for pointing our that Damon's not the best prognosticator)

  • From Eric Marentette's Blazer Blog: Cal's Leon Powe is scheduled for a workout with the Blazers.  Powe, though a little short, is as strong as they come.  Very similar to Ike Diogu, in regards that they both are a little small to play power forward, but are tough enough to get in the paint and excel at getting to the line.  I'd take Powe with the Blazer's second pick in a heart beat.

  • From John Canzano's shameless self-promotion page provided by OregonLive: I usually shy away from Canzano's human interest stories, but his work getting the word out for Victoria Roberts is truly commendable.  Some Blazer's are trying to help out as well, so if you're looking for some cool Blazer swag, consider making a bid.

  • Henry Abbot's TrueHoop turns one today.  Not only is Henry is great Blazer fan, but the best hoops blogger out there.  There's TrueHoop, and then there's everything else.  Henry was the reason I started blogging in the first place, so you've got him to blame for any hatred you have toward me or Blazer's Edge.

  • The NBA draft lottery is in about a week, so start working over those rabbit's feet and get to praying/offering sacrifices to whatever deity you worship now.  Lets hope this year shakes out like 2004 and 2003, and not like 2005 or 2002.  Check out this draft simulator to see how things may shake out.  In fact, if any of you regular readers (if I actually have any) want to run it 50 times, and then report back in the comments on how many times the Blazers got the #1 pick, I'd appreciate it.
  • Oh, and do your best not to spontanously combust today.  96 degrees?  I'm not one to quote Paris Hilton, but that's hot!
  • And one last thing for those Oregon residents out there: Turn in you ballots now!  It's too late to mail 'em, so drop them off at the proper site.  We're trying to have a society here people.