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Last Days

Two games to go.  The Blazers dropped a possible win to the Warriors on Saturday, which put them one game behind the Knicks for worst record in the NBA.  The Red and Black take on Golden State again tonight in Oak Town, then come back to finish the season against the Suns. Bottom line: The Blazers have to win tonight to have any chance of finishing the season ahead of the Knicks, and thus, save themselves from the shame of having the worst record in the NBA.Granted, there's still plenty of shame to go around, but finishing the season with the worst record in the Association is the hardest pill to swallow.  If the Knicks win tonight against the Bobcats, the Blazers would have to beat the Suns (it could happen) and the Knicks would have to lose to the Nets in their final game in order for the Blazers to finish the season tied for the worst record (disclaimer: I'm horrible and math and usually wrong when it comes to figuring things like this out, so feel free to correct me in the comments).

  • What the hell was Darius Miles playing for on Saturday?  Someone is going to need to bring in the NSA to figure out was message the Blazers are trying to send with that move.
  • Webster is starting to get comfortable, which is bittersweet in that I wish Nate would have let him play a little more this season.
  • Zach showed up late for the team picture?  Must have been fussing over his hair.