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Burning Bridges

Tough loss last night.  I'm loath to put too much stock into a game in which both team truly have nothing to play for (an in the Clips case, something to lose for), but the Blazers did look good without Zach in the line-up.  One thing I did learn from the game is that Z-Bo could stand to learn some post moves from Brian Skinner.

As I was watching the game last night, I started thinking about the ownership situation, and a question crossed my mind that holds some significance, at least in my opinion.  So does anyone know if there are rules regarding how soon an owner can acquire another franchise after selling his or her previous one?  While I'm not saying it's happening in the case of Paul Allen and the Blazers, but it doesn't seem too far fetched to assume that an owner might run a team into the ground in order to give his or her new team an advantage.  So (and I'm not saying this is happening) it's conceivable that an owner of, say, the Portland Trail Blazers, makes moves counter-productive to said team in order to give another team, lets say the Seattle Supersonics, a competitive advantage if and when said teams change ownership.  So are there any rules that govern the duration of time that has to lapse before one can acquire another franchise?  If not, there should be.  Anybody?