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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Ugh.  The Blazers are in sole possession of last place in the league, and it was Ruben that helped put them there (by the way, it took Denver 18 years to win a conference title? Pathetic).  Thanks Rube, you marble-headed sick-o.

In other news, it seems as if John Canzano doesn't have the same level of decorum as Sebastian Telfair.  If you'll scroll down a little bit, you'll notice in my little Q&A that Sebastian refused to take a cheap shot at Canzano, even though I served it up to him on a silver platter.  How does John Boy re-pay Sebastian's maturity?  By taking a cheap shot himself.

In Canzano's blog today, he continues his season-long crusade of talking up University of Portland's Pooh Jeter, a decent, undersized guard playing in a crappy conference on a crappy team.  No big deal.  I'm all for Canzano giving some pub to the local talent, but he just can't fight the urge to get in a jab at the expense of another young guard. Canzano writes:

...when it comes to Jeter, you just hope someone takes a long look at him. Because he'll stick if someone does. He's 5-11 and I think, just as good, if not better than Sebastian Telfair.

That's cold John Boy.  First off, Jeter may be decent, but do you really have to compliment him at the expense of Telfair?  To paraphrase my first-grade teacher: Why put out Sebastian's candle to make Pooh's candle look brighter?

Secondly, there's no way in hell that Jeter is as good as Telfair, not to mention that Sebastian is a couple years younger.  Telfair is playing quality minutes and putting up decent numbers in the best league in the world.  Jeter put up some decent numbers in the West Coast Conference, to which I would say: Big friggin' deal.  How did the Pilots finish in thier conference?  Second to last.  Not exactly the hallmark of a great player.  Does anyone think that if Sebastian were a senior in college that he wouldn't be tearing up the competition?  Jeter would be feeding Telfair grapes and cleaning his dorm room if they were teammates at UP.

My one problem with Sebastian is that sometimes he's too hesitant to take the open shot.  Refusing to answer my question about Canzano's hair style was a perfect example of that.