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Stern Taps Out

The Blazers lose at home to Sacramento.  Surprised?  Didn't think so.

In more important news, NBA Don and renowned problem-solver David Stern is cashing out at the Paul Allen/Rose Garden bond-holders poker table (hat tip to the birthday boy Eric.)  Stern though he could belly up to the table and win a few hands, but unfortunately for him and Paulie Walnuts, the owners of the Rose Garden are holding all the cards. Stern states that "..the arena owners have not offered any constructive response to these efforts and recently advised us that they are satisfied with the status quo."  Well no shit!  What do the bond-holders have to gain by renegotiating?  They'd basically be rewarding Paul for defaulting on the loan, while also making less money.  Now I don't know a whole lot about high finance, but that doesn't sound like a deal I would make if I were running the Rose Garden.  

Everything is speculative at this point, but Stern ending the NBA's involvement in the negotiations would seem to open the door for Allen to, at the very least, sell the team, and, at the very worst, move the Blazers to destinations unknown.  I know there's been a lot of talk about the Blazers lease with the Rose Garden being unbreakable, but if push comes to shove (if it already hasn't), what is the Rose Garden going to do if Paul tells everyone to rent a U-Haul and move their shit to Vancouver, or San Jose, or Vegas?  The Rose Garden could (and would) sue Paulie for everything they could, but the team is still gone.  I don't know if a judge could force Allen to make the Blazers play at the Rose Garden, especially if Stern and the NBA are giving the go-ahead to move locations.  Bottom line: This is crazy serious.  Jason Quick mentioned in the Quick Chat today that he didn't think Paul Allen would be the owner of the team come the draft.  I thought that sounded pretty unlikely, but that was 2 hours ago.  Now it sounds probable.

If anyone is interested in putting together an ownership group, I got five on it.