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2006 SBNation Air Jordan Invitational First Round: VC vs. Kobe

Note: This was posted by TZ over at Sactown Royalty.  I'd do my own write-up, but I'm lazy and feeble-minded.-Lance Uppercut

Aah, the sneaker ad.
It's probably one of the most underrated things about basketball, the sneaker ad. Always entertaining, often telling of a player's personality, usually re-ran about 1,500 over the course of an All-Star Weekend.

The collective minds in SBNation's hoops department decided to let our readers decide what the top sneaker ad of the year was. As a result, we give you...

The 2006 SBNation Air Jordan Invitational!

Four SBNation hoops sites will be hosting first-round matchups in the Air Jordan Invitational. Visit Blog-a-Bull, Pounding the Rock and Sactown Royalty to vote in the other first round contests, which include MJ vs. Wade, KG vs. Amare, and TMac vs. LeBron. You will also get a chance to check out the commercials there, if you haven't already seen them.

Here, though: It's Vince Carter vs. Kobe Bryant.  There really are no winners in this one, as both are gifted athletes, but also scourges of society. Click the links below to view the commercials, and vote in the poll on the right.

Kobe Bryant (Nike) - "Love/Hate" (can I vote for just "hate"?)

Vince Carter (Nike) - "My Old Coach"

Be sure to vote at all the sites. First round voting will end Wednesday night, and the second round will start next Monday.
Update: I just watched both videos, and I gotta say: What a couple of pompus dickheads. People don't hate your game Kobe, they hate habits. And Vince, I thought you didn't want to be just a dunking side-show.--Lance Uppercut