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Making Bucks

I've got a confession to make: I bet against the Blazers.  The Milwaukee game was the first time I've done it, and I hope not to do it again, but I knew the Blazers would A) lose, and B) lose by more than 2 points.  In a way, it helps to deal with the loss.  In the case of the Milwaukee game, even though I was sad to see the Blazers lose, there was the slight twinge of satisfaction from placing a winning bet.  It was only a five dollar bet, so I was still holding out hope that the Blazers might pull it together, but in my heart of hearts, I knew what the outcome was going to be.  Sports betting is business.  My love for the Blazers is pleasure.  They don't mix.

Not a whole lot to say about the game.  A typical 2006 Trail Blazer performance; dig a big hole in the first quarter, pull to almost even by the half, come out flat in the third, digging yet another hole,  finish by going on a few mini-runs in the fourth to make the game look respectable.  Nate answers post-game questions with a sincerely perplexed air, Zach calls on management to get better players, opposing team comments that "these are games we should win," rinse, repeat.