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Open Thread: Bucks vs. Blazers

The other Redd Man and the rest of the Milwaukee Bucks make their way to Portland tonight to take on whatever healthy line-up Nate McMillian can muster.  This is the second time in just a few weeks that the Blazers take on the same team back-to-back, as they did the same thing with the Dallas Mavericks a few weeks ago.

Please feel free to discuss whatever strikes your fancy in the comments, or, if your feel especially strong about something, post a diary.  Diaries are used to discuss things that you, the tortured souls that have to slog through my poor grammar and confused logic, feel haven't been adequately addressed otherwise.  Think the Blazers should bring back Mo Cheeks?  Put it in a diary.  Think Damon Stoudamire would make a great GM?  Diary that bad boy.  Upset because the Lance1 Mix Tape  is forcing your CD player to repeat the Starland Vocal Band hit "Afternoon Delight?"  Well, in that case, go screw yourself, because that song kicks ass.  You should be so lucky to hear nothing but that song for the rest of your life.

The Blazers are 2.5 point dogs, which is about the most respect a team that has lost 20 of its last 25 games is going to get.