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Welcome to the Terror Dome

Greetings faithful readers, and welcome to the Blazers Edge.  What started off as a poorly-written, infrequently updated Trail Blazer themed blog is now a poorly-written, infrequently updated Trail Blazer themed SBNation blog, joining the ranks of Blog-a-Bull,Sactown Royalty, Pounding the Rock, and a whole host of misguided MLB blogs. Baseball is dead guys, Barry Bonds says so!

All of the talk about the possibility of Paul Allen talking his ball and going home seems to coincide well with my move from blogspot to SBNation, so take notice Vulcan Inc. While I've come under new management, streamlined financial workings, and put myself on a strict regiment of hard work and stick-to-itiveness, I've still succeeded in staying in one place, hopefully with the same clientele, and all without the help of tax dollars. I realized that I blogspot was no longer the place for me. So even though I've had some great times, often while sacrificing my own best interests for those of the Blazers Basketball blog franchise, I've realized that it's time for something new. So Blazers Edge replaces the institution that was Sure, it's a sore state of affairs now, what with so much white space, no good players under contract, and an ever weakening draft pool, but we must remember that re-building takes time. I think we've got a good coach, a management group devoted to winning, and some young go-getters with a devil-may-care attitude that can't be taught. The foundation is there, we must only use a logical philosophy, good materials, and highly-trained union labor to make it a great site.

So having said that, let's get this season over so we can all go back to not feeling miserable. Welcome to the Blazers Edge.