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Third Greatest Blazer Ever: Semifinal 2

Side Note:  I will be away from the keyboard until Friday so all six of the next three day's posts are up today.  Read them and comment at your leisure.  Please chip in with the various preview and Gameday threads below.

It's the semi-final round of the Third Greatest Blazer Ever contest!  Much like the first semi-final matchup (below), both of these guys had relatively easy trips through the first round. Now they're going head-to head.

Your choices are:

Terry Porter


Geoff Petrie

You may use any criteria you wish:  stats, playoff appearances, team wins, overall talent, variety of skills,'s up to you.  Please do note that only contributions as a Blazer should count, however. Register your vote in the comment section below.  The voting will be open until New Year's Eve when we will post the final matchup.

--Dave (