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Christmas Wish List

This is not an original idea but I like these almost every time I see them so I'm doing one.  Here's my Christmas wish list for the Blazers.  Feel free to add your own wishes in the comment section!

For Zach:  The Oregonian said that Zach and Nate had several heart-to-heart talks this year about more than just basketball and that Zach was really committed to doing some meaningful soul-searching.  My wish is not only that he'd be able to do that, but that he'd truly find the joy in contributing to something bigger than himself and the peace that comes with finding what you are supposed to do in life, doing it well, and knowing that it positively affects the life of others.

For Martell:  The freedom to make mistakes, the wisdom to learn from them,  the confidence to become the player we all know he will the ability to make the most out of fifteen minutes per game instead of making a little out of thirty.

For Jarrett:  A huge thank you for playing winning basketball at such a tender age and all the encouragement in the world to keep doing what he's doing.

For Brandon:  The same as Jarrett, plus terminally healthy feet and a cut of his own jersey sales.

For Joel:  More minutes, less fouls, and a huge dose of memory-jogging for his head coach in the third and fourth quarters.

For Ime:  A nice new contract.  I know it's not going to be one of those break-the-bank deals, but something to reward him not only for what he's doing now, but for all the years he put in to get here.  In a league where players with much poorer work ethics and much more intermittent production are getting eight-figure deals, he should at least get enough to where he doesn't have to worry about his kids' college funds.  Also, if he wants it, some kind of coaching job when he's through.

For Jamaal:  Happiness...with his role (whatever that turns out to be) and with his location (whatever that turns out to be) the heart to put everything into his effort on the court no matter what comes his way.

For Travis:  All that confidence he's shown the last two weeks, bottled and intensified by two, plus the ability to guard opposing small forwards at least occasionally.

For Lamarcus:  The guts to hang through the ups and downs of a rookie season without hanging his head and the fortitude to approach every practice like it was a game.

For Juan: A little gratitude from the fans for what he does, plus the occasional wide-open shot to make up for all the contested ones.

For Sergio:  Playing time, baby.  Playing time.

For Dan:  Hmmm...let's see.  You're playing for your hometown team.  You have a nice, guaranteed contract.  And you're married to a Blazer Dancer.  I think you already got yours, bud!

For Raef:  A couple easy shots served up for swatting, a couple wide-open three-pointers, and good health.

For Stephen:  Enough of a look to be picked up somewhere in January, even if that's not with us.

For Darius:  A swift recovery and his very own bobblehead.

For Nate:  Plenty of support from above and below for doing things right, a quick blossoming of his talent, and the courage to stick to his principles and be himself no matter what.

For Blazer Management:  A little credit, a little luck in next year's draft, and a little better relationship with the fans.

For Paul Allen:  A slightly used arena in the Rose Quarter to call his very own.

For Blazer Fans:  The assurance that the Blazers are going to be playing in town for decades to come.  When it comes down to it, there is nothing like following this team!

For Blazersedge:  Another year with readers and contributors just like you guys.

For us all:  Peace, joy, and Happy Holidays!

 --Dave (