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Third Greatest Blazer Ever Contest: Final Quarterfinal

This is the last matchup in the first round of the Third Greatest Blazer ever contest.  The voting in all four matchups will still be open throughout the weekend so feel free.

A side note:  a few people have been commenting about what they see as lopsided matchups, particularly Lucas vs. Vandeweghe.  Brief explanation...

--It seemed most fair to determine the matchups randomly, so that's what I did.

--Remember somebody has got to go against somebody.  Statistically, and in many ways in terms of impact, these guys are all solidly in the Blazer Top 10.  Who can help that some are closer to 10 and some are closer to 3?  Besides, half the fun is seeing people try to justify the underdog.  I suppose I could import some Laker greats if you want Lucas to go up against someone he has a chance to lose to in the first round.

--Really, if you look at what they did year-to-year as Blazers, while there is some separation it's not as great as people are making it in most of these least not a huge statistical separation.  Some are giants because of what they did to help the team and some are just plain legends in our memory, but again, who can help that? (And that's also part of the fun anyway.)

OK, enough of that.  Have at today's matchup:

Terry Porter


Rasheed Wallace

Vote for who progresses to the semi-finals in the comment section, with explanations if you feel they're warranted.

--Dave (