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Third Greatest Blazer Quarterfinals: Matchup 2

We continue our quest to find the third greatest Blazer ever, the better to stack him up against the top two and see who comes out the winner.  The first matchup, Zach Randolph vs. Jim Paxson, is just a couple posts below and you can still vote on that if you desire.  The second matchup also involves a current NBA player, albeit a very old one and no longer a Blazer.  Today you can choose between...

Geoff Petrie


Cliff Robinson

As the Paxson/Randolph contest is proving, there can be many criteria used in making your choice.  Some like stats, some team performance, some skills, some awards...whichever it is, knock yourself out.  Register your vote in the comment section below and explain your reasoning if you wish to.  (I suppose to be fair, especially in this matchup, we should say that the player's performance as a Blazer is what's mostly at issue.  Otherwise we really should have Scottie Pippen at the top of our list.)

--Dave (