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Quarter Season Award Results

I've tallied the votes on the quarter-season awards.  Here you go (and since Jorga called me out in a diary I'll share my thoughts too):

Most Valuable Player (Besides Zach):

Jarrett Jack, with 82% of the vote.

How could you go wrong with this?  He's my guy too, although I do empathize with those who voted for Ime.

Most Surprising Player

Lamarcus Aldridge, with 33% of the vote.

This was one of the two hot races, with Lamarcus squeaking out a lead over Ime by one vote and Sergio by two.  I am torn between the Big Smoothie and Mr. Espresso myself.  On the one hand I thought Aldridge would do something, but not earn so much playing time.  I didn't expect Sergio to do anything, but he's not done as much overall as Lamarcus.  Oh heck, let's say Lamarcus just because Sergio has pulled those 3 and 4 minute stints lately.

Most Disappointing

Jamaal Magloire, with 50% of the vote.

OK, I get that, but I didn't expect Magloire to have that much of an impact and he has gotten a few rebounds here and there.  For me it's probably Joel, not because of the injury necessarily, but because the times he has been in there he hasn't looked all that great.

Most Inspirational

Ime Udoka, with 68% of the vote.

I agree.  It's hard not to.

Rookie of the Quarter-Year

Lamarcus Aldridge, with 52% of the vote.

Aldridge got one vote over Roy.  I'm going with Roy just because I think his contributions tangibly contributed to a couple wins while Aldridge's have been more of the, "Wow!  That's nice!" variety.

We'll run the polls again at the halfway mark.

--Dave (