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Links and References

It will come as no surprise to you that this is not the only Blazer blog out there.  In fact new ones are sprouting up all the time.  One of the things that's pretty common around here is to get requests for permanent links in the sidebar.  As an informational point, I thought it might be good to explain to readers (and other bloggers) how we handle that.

Blazersedge is more than happy to support links to other Blazer and NBA sites.  Jealousy among bloggers is silly.  Blogs are like movies:  seeing one usually makes you want to see another (if it's any good).  Of course there are limits to reading time, but most people find time to read the really quality stuff out there no matter how much of it there is.  99.9% of you are here because you saw a link or quote from this blog in another site.  I'm happy you found us and it would be quite hypocritical of me to begrudge others the opportunity to find them too.

However there's a harsh reality to blogging.  It's tougher than it looks to come up with quality material consistently.  Most blogs last less than six months...starting out with 24 enthusiastic posts in the first month and then drizzling down to almost nil by the end.  If you link to every blog that comes along your sidebar will very quickly fill with portals to defunct sites.  Not only does that disappoint readers and dilute the list (distracting readers from the quality, functioning blogs on it), it also reflects on the credibility of the referring site.  The first rule of blogging is "Don't waste people's time."  Every link is like a personal recommendation saying, "This is worth your attention."  Therefore the number of permanent links on this site will always be small (and hopefully worth it).

To make sure this remains true, I'm making it a general practice not to link to any blog that isn't at least three months old--maybe more--and consistently updated with quality material during that time.  I hope all those requesting links can understand and I hope all of our readers are pleased with the blogs we do have linked.  (I've cleaned up the section a little in the last month.  A couple of those links are still up out of respect to Casey but I think they're still good.)

That said, there are a couple of new blogs that I think might be worth your attention as they grow.  The proprietors seem sincere and it doesn't hurt anything to give a shout out every once in a while.

Grant runs an all-purpose Northwest Sports blog here.  I love his use of pictures and his background template makes me nostalgic for my old site.

Somebody named Mr. Blaze wrote the other day about the following startup site.  Should be interesting.

Good luck to all, and happy reading and blogging!

--Dave (