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GAMEDAY OPEN THREAD: Lakers vs. Blazers

I don't know about you guys, but to me Laker games are THE highlight of the year.  Like a great college rivalry it never gets old no matter how many times you see it.  Yes, it's better when both teams are at the apex of the league and yes injuries will dim the glow a little tonight, but there is still nothing, NOTHING like a game against L.A.  Part of me would sacrifice 79 other games just to win these three.  Having it at home with the energy of the crowd makes it even sweeter.

Tonight is the perfect opportunity to inaugurate the new Blazersedge slogan for 2006-07:  

Be There, Be Loud.

The team's worth it, the matchup is worth it...tonight is the reason we do this.  Everybody get your old-school energy vibe working.  Slap on those jerseys, t-shirts, and caps and yell loud enough to make the neighbors turn on the game too.  If you're at the game bring signs, bring passion, bring everything you've got.  

There are several hundred thousand people out there (delusional or not) who firmly believe that Kobe sucks no matter how many points he scores, that 80% of the Laker mystique is referee-driven, and that purple and gold is the God-awfulest color combination in the entire universe.  These are among the most basic tenets of the Blazer faith. Tonight those voices unite as one.  Tonight the Garden becomes our shrine, the hardwood the battleground upon which the primal struggle between good and evil commences once again.  Tonight the chants of "Beat L.A." coupled with the strains of Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll Part 2 provide sweet absolution for our murky, loss-weary souls.  Bring it on.  Bring it on.  Good God Almighty, BRING IT ON!

Lakers-Blazers...tonight.  Comment below.

--Dave (