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Random Thoughts Over the Weekend

Which of the following is more believable?

  1.  Colin Powell making his famous "WMD" speech before the United Nations in February, 2003
  2.  The Reverend Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, upon being accused this weekend of taking meth and sleeping with an escort, saying, "I bought the meth but I never used it, and I just got a massage."
  3.  Mike Barrett in his 10/3/06 blog entry describing Darius Miles using the words "in tremendous shape"?  Or wait, was that Mike Rice describing him as "ripped" on Courtside?

Sorry Mikes, but you guys gotta admit you deserve a little semi-good-natured ribbing after casually happening to mention your BLOG on the television broadcast.  If you're gonna plug on the sly, how about a little love for some of us who sink hours into this every day to support the team and its fan base for no other reason than the love of it?

(And faithful readers:  I know, I know...PLEASE don't bombard me with evangelical or patriotic hate mail or comments.  Write Barrett.  It's all his fault.  Iraq, the Meth epidemic, everything.  Except the decline of The Sopranos.  That's Mike Rice's fault.)

ALSO: The Blazers need not worry about Ricky Davis' now infamous comments.  Being called roaches is a lot better than getting busted for smoking them.

--Dave (