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I am happy to announce that the very first jersey winner at is none other than...


DB narrowly beat out saregister and jksnake99.  All three predicted 6-10 records correctly.  Duckblazer called all five tie-breaking games absolutely right (Seattle, Minnesota, Laker wins, Boston and Indiana losses) while the other two each had 3 of 5.  It's worth noting that had the next tiebreaker been invoked, DB would have also run away with that one.  He predicted the score of the Lakers game as 101-88 and the actual final was 101-90.  That means he called the entire month (at least as far as this contest measured) within 2 points.  The jersey is well-deserved.

Note that the December contest is underway right here.  The deadline is Saturday midnight and so far we only have nine entries.  I assume the rest of you are doing research?  The contest is a little different this time, as I was responding to a request for a format that allowed more frequent updates, but don't let that intimidate you.  You don't have to worry about the scoring formula or anything complicated...just take a flyer on guessing some game outcomes and how many points, rebounds, and assists Martell, Z-Bo, and JJ will tally.  It's better to take a wild guess than not enter at all, eh?  Who knows, you may end up the next jersey winner!

--Dave (