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General Glumness

Scanning around the 'net a little there seems to be a vague feeling of depression today.  Hey, it was a loss, but we're not at Indiana's level right now and we did play pretty close for most of the game.  We're still missing Brandon Roy and we're still settling into what kind of game we want to play and working through our young-team mistakes.  This is going to take time.  The Blazers probably aren't that good and probably weren't going to be that good this year, but even as we acknowledge that consider the following two things:

  1.  This is still light years better than last year.  Last year we would have lost that game by 20 and wouldn't have been entertained by the offense at all.
  2.  Look at the rosters of the teams that played last night.  Consider Indiana, who they've got, and where they're headed versus Portland, who we've got, and where we have the potential to head.  Honestly, which roster would you rather have?
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