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Monday Discussion: The Young Guys

This weekend's poll question was so intriguing to me that I'm going to stretch it out into a full blown discussion. We have three young guys right now on whom we're planning to rely heavily:  Jarrett Jack, Martell Webster, and Lamarcus Aldridge.  (Brandon Roy is a fourth but he's on a different level so for these purposes we're leaving him out.)  All three have talent and potential in different areas.  All could become important to the team, but none of them are guaranteed to.

Given that, whose development do you see as most crucial to this team in the long run, Martell's, Jarrett's, or Lamarcus'?  You may use whatever criteria you wish, but among those I assume would be the value of their individual skill sets, how good you think they can become, and how much we are (or will be) in need at their position(s).

We will do a "Ten Words or Less" this week but this discussion is free-form.  Have at it and enjoy!

--Dave (