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November Jersey Contest Update

With one more game left in November we are down to our list of finalists in the Blazer Jersey competition.  The Blazers record at the end of November will either be 6-10 or 7-9.  Out of the fifty or so entries, ten folks are still in the running.  They are listed as follows in no particular order.

If the Blazers lose on Tuesday the Jersey Winner will be one of these folks:


If the Blazers win on Tuesday the Jersey Winner will come from this list:


Because it's affected by the outcome of the Indiana game, because it's a little brain-twisting to figure permutations, and to keep the suspense going I have not yet calculated potential tiebreakers.  If you wish to do so you are more than welcome, but please do not post any results.  Let everybody be surprised on Wednesday morning.  A standard disclaimer for those who might try and figure out things beforehand, especially if your name is on this list:  don't throw away your ticket stubs until the results are official.  I have not yet checked for duplicate entries.  I figured it was simpler to do that once only, and that for the winner.  If the winning entry is disqualified we'll move down the list from there.

Good luck to all our finalists!

--Dave (