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Time to gear up for another round of predictions!  This time we're going to do things a little differently, so read carefully to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Basic Rules

--As always, only one entry per person.  I will check the winner's IP address against those of all the entrants.  If it's duplicated, all your entries are out.

--You must follow the submission format exactly.  This makes it easier for me to record results.

--Because there are no anonymous comments anymore the comment section of this thread will be the only place you need to record your submission.

--The deadline for submission is 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time this Saturday night (December 2nd).  All entries made after that point will be erased from the thread.

--Once posted in the comment section all entries are final and cannot be changed.  Do not post "oops!" corrections.  They will be deleted.  Please make sure to proofread your entry before you press "submit"!


The contest will encompass five games on the December schedule.  Those games are:

Sunday the 3rd vs. Atlanta
Wednesday the 6th at Milwaukee
Friday the 15th vs. Los Angeles Clippers
Friday the 22nd vs. Toronto
Saturday the 30th at Utah

For each game you need to record the following:

--A final score prediction (for both teams, obviously)
--The name of the player you think will be the leading scorer besides Zach Randolph
--A prediction of Zach Randolph's total rebounds in the game
--A prediction of Jarrett Jack's total assists in the game
--A prediction of Martell Webster's total points in the game

The format should look like this:

Blazers 106, Atlanta 102
Travis Outlaw
Rebs 8
Asts 7
Pts 12

(repeat this for the remaining four games)

Note that you need not put whose rebounds, assists, and points, as that remains standard throughout.  (Again, that's Zach's boards, Jarrett's assists, and Martell's points).


A total of 100 possible points can be scored for each game.

--You get 30 points for guessing the outcome of the game correctly
--You get 20 points for guessing the leading scorer (remember, other than Zach) correctly

The remaining 50 points are distributed like this:

You start with all 50 points.  Points are subtracted from that fifty based on the difference between what you predicted and what actually happened in the categories of scoring for each team, Zach's boards, Jarrett's assists, and Martell's points.  Because rebounds and assists are small number stats the difference in these two categories will be multiplied by two.


You predict the Blazers over Atlanta 100-98 with Outlaw being the (non-Zach) leading scorer, 10 boards for Zach, 6 assists for JJ, and 12 points for Martell.  For simplicity's sake, assume you got the game result and scorer correct and every numerical prediction you made was off by exactly two.  Your tally would look like this:

+30 for getting the game right
+20 for getting the scorer right

+50 minus the following:
-2 for the Blazer score (2 off)
-2 for the opponent score (2 off)
-4 for Zach's boards (2 off x2)
-4 for JJ's assists (2 off x2)
-2 for Martell's points (2 off)

50-14= 36
30+20+36= 86
Your total score would be 86 for that game.

Odds and Ends

--In the event Zach, Jarrett, or Martell misses a game due to injury or a DNP-CD their zero will not count towards the predictions.  We'll simply skip that category for that game.

--If your numerical predictions total more than 50 points off you will just get a +0 for that 50-point portion of the score.  Bad numerical predictions cannot take away points you earn for predicting the game or scorer correctly.

The Winner

The winner will be the person with the most total points at the end of the five games.  In the event of a tie the person who got closest to the total combined scores will win.


I will update the total scores after each of the five contest games.

The Prize

You'll have to bear with me, as I don't know what the prize will be yet.  It will be Blazer-related and it will be nice.  It will not be as expensive as last month's jersey, as I can't afford to do that every month.  Give me a little time to think and I'll come up with something.

The prize this month will be another replica JERSEY with the same specifications as last month. This is thanks to the Roseburgian, who is helping to sponsor this month's contest. Many thanks to the Roseburgian!


--Dave (