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Socks for Socks Update

Ladies and Gentlemen, the first sock picture has come in.  And get this:  it's from a guy named Tomasz...and he lives in POLAND.

He writes:

I attach the photo of the socks as requested but most of all, I wanted to thank you for giving me a chance to become, at least in that limited way, a part of the blazers fandom. I live in Gdynia, Poland, and have been a blazer fan ever since the 2000 WCF (honestly, I kind of jumped on the beat-LA bandwagon as I had been a Jazz fan at the time but I just fell in love with our team and can't fall out no matter how badly we lose). I  may have seen like three blazer games in my life (you can imagine how often blazers get televised on polish tv) and only listened to some on kxl when I had opportunity, which wasn't easy as the games take place around 3 a.m locally so I basically live off reading the Oregonian, blazers forum and as of recently blazersedge...

My point is that it's just heckin great that you gave me that chance to show my love to the Blazers. I'll probably never be able to attend a game in my whole life, let alone making a banner, but sacrificing these 3 dollars for the whole package which would make me sort of 'present' among you, fans, and among them, the players. I can't help but to be thrilled at the thought.

As for the socks themselves...I want him to have them, I want him to know there are people who care about this team not only in Portland but all over the world.

Anyways, thanks again, I'm going to send the socks tommorow, hope they'll get there sometime soon along with those of the real, oregonian fans.

best wishes,

PS:  I hope for my english to get good enough soon so I could comment on the site :)

Now that, folks, is a fan.  I assured him that he can comment here anytime, perfect English or no.  I also told him that if he ever managed to come to Oregon during the Blazer season, we'd make sure he got to see a game.

And hey, if a guy from Poland who's never even seen a game live can manage to ship a pair of socks to our favorite rookie, you can too, right?

--Dave (