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My Apologies

Things got all FUBAR around here this afternoon, thus the lack of a gameday open thread.  Thank you to EngineerScotty for filling in with a diary.

Even worse news, when I got home I found my Tivo hand't started, so I will only be able to see the fourth quarter.  That's not much to do a recap on so those of you who watched the game will have to do the heavy lifting this evening.  Please feel free to put your post-game thoughts in this thread.  Who played well?  Anyone have trouble?  How and why did we win or lose?  Any new news on either of the rookies?  Did Sergio get another shot?

[Update] OK, I watched the final quarter and here are my brief and scant observations:

1. Sergi...OH! This guy can pass.

2. There's a night and day difference in Outlaw between games when he's confident and games when he's not. Tonight (at least in the 4th) he was and it showed.

3. Who the hell made James Earl Jones the Cleveland PA announcer?

From reading the box score I also gleaned this little pearl of wisdom:

When your entire starting lineup outside of Zach combines for 14 points, 10 boards, and 5 assists something is wrong. I know they played more limited minutes than the bench, but still...