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Question of the Week: Zach Randolph

We're adding two new weekly features this week, both meant to inspire some back-and-forth conversation in this hurly-burly world of previews and recaps.  They will appear on Mondays and Wednesdays each week during the season.

The Monday feature is pretty straightforward.  I'll simply post a question that seems important or intriguing given the current environment and let you go at it.  Take the question any way you wish and respond at your leisure in the comments section.

This week's discussion topic:

Zach's been playing out of his mind in the first couple weeks of the season.  Keeping in mind all the concerns expressed this off-season (and how we were talking about him in, say, July), is this for real?  Do you expect it to last?  What will we see from Zach this year?

Have at it, and enjoy!

--Dave (