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Questions Answered

Jason Quick has posted Darius Miles' answers in his blog.  The bad news is that most of the question submissions came after the interview so they didn't get included.  The good news is he got enough of a response that he's willing to repeat the experiment on a weekly basis.  The so-so news is that Miles pretty much blew off my two questions:

Q: If you don't have the explosiveness you used to, what do you see your style of game developing into?

D.Miles: "I haven't thought about it yet. When that road comes, I will tell you.''

Q: Are you more of a perimeter guy on offense like we saw last year?

D.Miles: "I was in and out (last year), post up, outside. Whatevr the coach has a plan to do, that's what I will roll with.''

Uh...yeah.  That's pretty accurate if you only count the four weeks he played before the injury.  I don't know about you guys, but post-injury I saw a whole lot of face-up jumpers from 15 feet at the elbow.  He was, however, hitting quite a few of them.

--Dave (