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Advertisement Irony

I was happy today because I got my first offer for advertising on the site.  (The only ads I see any revenue from are the ones in the "Our Sponsors" box in the left sidebar.  Everything else is network-wide and goes higher up.)  It wasn't a ton of money, but it was something.  So I go to the ad site to approve the ad and it was a link to one of those "funny movie" sites.  The still picture was a close up of a woman in a G-string from behind and the text included a slang word for girls that was probably in questionable taste.  It was FAR from porn and I've seen worse things on plenty of other sites, but... (sigh)  I remembered how I talked the other day about the Blazers needing to be an organization where five and eight year olds can follow without being induced to ask questions that should be above their years.  It's a pain to reject the first ad you're ever offered, but I did.  Just wanted you to know I'm putting my money where my mouth is.  (Darn it.)

Now where is G.I. Joes when you need them?