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Better Late than Never

A couple of posts in the diary section have reminded me that I've been terribly, unconscionably negligent to the point of delinquency in not mentioning one of my fellow bloggers.

About three weeks ago another Dave (the world can never have too many, you know) joined the Sportsblog Nation blog list with Addicted to Quack, a site about our very own Oregon Ducks.  Obviously the crossover appeal is high, as we have had several Duck diaries here already.

You don't make it onto Sportsblog Nation unless you are pretty darn good.  I have visited Dave's site and I can tell you it's better than that, treading into excellence.  His posts on keeping the WSU game in perspective and on the reasons (or not) for playing Portland State this week are exactly the kind of thing I'd want to read were I a rabid Ducks fan.  All of you green and gold loving, manhole cover shoulder pad wearing, desert bowl traveling types should give it a try.

Apologies, Dave, for not mentioning you sooner.

(Oh wait, "sooner" is a bad word to use around Duck fans, right?)

--The OTHER Dave (