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Game Thread

Blazerprophet left the following impressions of last night's game in his diary (in the right sidebar for anyone new):

Some general impressions from the game last night.

First, Portland made every effort possible to lose the game late in the 4th quarter. Utah was missing open shots... and failed to take advantage. Utah missed open shot after open shot. But, hey, a few thoughts...

Zach- same ol' Zach. Late in the 4th, he turned the ball over 3 straight times and it would have been 4 except for a terrible call by a ref. Triple teamed each time, he put his head down and staggered into a turnover. After that, Jack refused to pass him the ball in the last 2 minutes.

Maglorie- this guy stinks. Period. I don't want to hear about  new team and new system... he just blows.

Outlaw- Still a lot of rough edges, but man oh man was he strong around the rim. Had 3 dunks and a couple of driving lay-ups. Had the crowd buzzing.

Jack- very steady, but a bit tentative. Dickau is clearly better and may take the starting spot, but Jack is unflappable and I still feel good that he will be our PG long term.

Roy- He really blends in. He's not flashy at all but had a couple of big shots.

Kudos to the Prophet for his report.  Anyone else have eyewitness impressions?  (Or impressions on the above?  Or questions for those who were there?)

--Dave (