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I'm back in the saddle after a long trip or two.  It's good to be live again.  It's even better to be 10 days away from the start of the season!  WOOOHOOOO!!!

It's been on my mind lately that I want to thank you guys for being the best readers in the universe.  Sure, saying "Thank You" is fine, but there needs to be something more.  So I've convinced my wife to let me open the old pocketbook enough to buy a replica Blazer jersey to award to some lucky reader in our first ever contest here at the Edge.  You can see the samples here.  Basically you can get any player you want or even your own name. (Disclaimer:  Provided the latter stay at the same price for the next few weeks)  Yes, they're the less expensive ones, but's a real, live JERSEY.

Here's how this is going to go.  Please pay careful attention because I will completely ignore entries that deviate from the rules.


--The contest will be open to registered users only.  This is mostly so I can verify IP addresses to prevent duplicate entries.  Registration is free and a snap and you might as well do it now because anonymous commenting is probably going the way of the dodo around here.

--Only ONE ENTRY PER PERSON.  I will be triple-checking on this. If you submit multiple entries, ALL of them will be discarded.

--Entries must be posted in the comment section of this post AND e-mailed to SIMULTANEOUSLY.  In other words they become a part of both public and my private record.

--Entries must conform to the format listed below.

--Once posted and e-mailed, entries may not be changed.

--Deadline for entry is 11:59 p.m. on October 31st.

To enter:

A. Predict the Blazers' record for the month of November.  If you haven't seen the schedule you can find it here.  There are 16 games, so unless you think a natural disaster will postpone games, make sure your win-loss total comes to 16.

B. Predict whether the following five games will be a win or loss (from the Blazers' point of view):

Wednesday the 1st at Seattle
Saturday the 4th  vs. Minnesota
Wednesday the 8th  vs. L.A. Lakers
Friday the 17th at Boston
Tuesday the 28th  vs. Indiana

C. Predict the final score of the game against the Lakers on the 8th

A kosher entry will look like this:

Blazers 104 Lakers 102

The winner will be determined like this:

--The first criterion is picking the overall November record correctly.  
--In the event of a (likely) tie in the first criterion, the tie-breaker will be most correct predictions of the five specific games listed, regardless of game.
--In the event of another tie, the next tie-breaker will be correct prediction of the Nov. 8th Laker game.
--In the event of another tie, the next tie breaker will be lowest total point differential in the prediction of the final score of the Laker game.
--In the (extremely unlikely) event two or more contestants are tied after all this, the win will be awarded to the contestant whose entry was submitted first.

I will contact the winner during the first week of December using the e-mail address through which the entry was submitted.  I will ask your jersey preference, size, and mailing address.  If you would be willing to send us a picture of you wearing said jersey, so much the better.

Thanks again for being such wonderful readers.  Enjoy the predictions!

--Dave (