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Blazer Preview Part 11: Dan Dickau

I am away from the blog until Sunday attending to family matters.  My main man Atma Brother One of Golden State of Mind fame is helping out by continuing to post the daily Blazer preview stuff for me.  He also said he would post himself if any significant Blazer events went down.  I didn't pay him extra to monitor the comments, so please keep them to their usual excellent standards.

Dan Dickau

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 190 lbs

Age: 28

Years Exp.: 4

Games Played: 19 (Boston Celtics)

Started: 0

Minutes: 12.5

Points:  3.3

FG%:  .370

3PT%: .500

FT%:  1.000

OffReb: 0.3

DefReb: 0.6

TotReb: 0.8

Stl: 0.58

Blk: 0.05

Ast: 2.1

TO: 0.9

Ast/TO:  2.22

Fouls:  2.1


--Dickau has a nice long-range shot whether he's off the dribble or receiving.  You can't leave him alone.

--Though his stats are almost universally unremarkable, the one time he was given a significant shot (67 games, 30+ minutes per game in New Orleans in '04-'05) he averaged over 13 points and 5 assists.

--Despite looking unassuming, Dan has a little bit of pep and style to his game.  He can score in more ways than you think.

--While nobody's streetballer, he can handle the ball and seldom commits turnovers.

--He's dependable off the court.

--He lived the dream, marrying a Blazer Dancer.


--The Hornets went 18-64 the year Dan was averaging all those flashy stats.

--The jury's out on whether he's a NBA-level point guard.  The offense doesn't run as well with him in.  At heart he's more of a scorer.  This is not Steve Blake, part deux.

--His overall shooting percentage has never been good and has gotten downright horrible in recent years.

--He doesn't give you anything other than potential scoring.  He doesn't have the body to defend or rebound.

--That nice three-point shooting percentage was compiled taking one or two shots a game.  Other than that one nice stretch, his scoring average is 3.7 ppg or below.  And this is from a scorer.


If I were playing against Dan I would probably overlook him until it looked like he was getting hot.  I'd guard against pick and rolls and wide-open looks from distance, but other than that, let him be.  If you get to Dickau it means you've probably already frustrated Jack and Roy for 25 minutes and the game should be mostly in the bag.

I expect Dickau to see decent minutes for stretches during the year where the young guys just aren't producing (either because of the competition or natural ups and downs).  The one thing he offers that we don't have a lot of is experience and a calmer head.  Once upon a time his ranged shooting would have been coveted but we have that covered better this year.  He just can't defend people well enough to justify a solid spot though.  If even modest expectations come true for the young guys he'll be relegated to the bench.  

--Dave (