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Blazer Preview Part Nine: Jamaal Magloire

I am away from the blog until Sunday attending to family matters.  My main man Atma Brother One of Golden State of Mind fame is helping out by continuing to post the daily Blazer preview stuff for me.  He also said he would post himself if any significant Blazer events went down.  I didn't pay him extra to monitor the comments, so please keep them to their usual excellent standards.

Jammal Magloire

Height: 6'11"
Weight: 259 lbs
Age: 28
Years Exp.: 6
Games Played: 82 (Milwaukee Bucks)
Started: 82

Minutes: 30.1
Points:  9.2
FG%:  .467
3PT%: .000
FT%:  .535
OffReb: 2.7
DefReb: 6.8
TotReb: 9.5
Stl: 0.35
Blk: 0.98
Ast: 0.7
TO: 2.0
Ast/TO:  0.34
Fouls:  3.4


--Magloire is all about the rebounding.  He's a sterling offensive rebounder and gets enough defensive boards to make him legitimate.

--He's got an NBA body and a long reach.  He'll also bang a bit.

--When he comes to play he's got an aggressive mental approach.  He's not going to give you things easy.

--With the exception of one season he's been very durable.  You can generally expect 82 games of effort out of him.

--He's in a contract year.


--His offensive game is limited.  For a guy who makes his bones in the post his shooting percentages have ranged from acceptable to horrible.

--He's a black hole...yet another "stopper" in the halfcourt offense.  He also turns the ball over a fair bit.  In other words, you take your chances giving him the ball unless it's a dunk.

--Even in his best year he scored less than 14 points per game.  His career average is under 10.

--He's not a bad position defender but he's not spectacular either.  He won't change the game for you on that end of the court.

--Yet again: horrible, stinky free throw shooting.


If I were playing against Jamaal I would want him catching the ball every time down the court.  No need to double, just stay in between him and the basket.  Let him shoot then throw a body on him to keep him away from the offensive glass.  The more he's shooting--the more he sees himself as an offensive player--the more I like it.  The Jamaal I don't want to see is the gritty, tough, banger who comes up with more rebounds than it looks like he should.  His all-star run was brief, but not entirely a fluke.  He can be a game-changer down in the trenches if that's what he puts his mind to.

Magloire's contract is probably my favorite part of this pick up at this point.  Not only should it motivate him, it means we're in no-lose territory.  I really hope he can pick up our defensive rebounding some, but I fear in some ways he will duplicate Zach in that area.  I am very concerned about what he might do to gum up our already sludgy offense.  On the flip side, having two decent centers is no bad thing, especially with Joel battling injuries and referees.  He will not provide Joel's presence in the paint on the defensive end though.  He's got to put those long arms to better use down there.

--Dave (