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OPEN THREAD: Preseason- Trailblazers vs Warriors

Whassup Blazers Nation? It's your boy from the Bay, Atma Brother #1 of Golden State of Mind fame. I'm subbing in for Dave for a few days (you're all lucky to have him dropping science!). Dave's got a lot of fun things planned for you all this week.

The Blazers and Warriors are actually squaring off right now in a preseason festivity and we've got a fun open thread over at GSoM. Because Blazers fans are so classy, I wanted to extend you all a warm invitation to join our discussion over at GSoM: OPEN THREAD: Preseason- Warriors at Trailblazers. You'll need a GSoM account, but it only takes seconds to create. Use your Blazers Edge screenname for fun.

Definitely feel free to post your game thoughts in this thread too if you're a little weary of your friends from the Bay.

Go Warriors! Ooops, I mean- Go Blazers!!

-- Atma Brother #1