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HOOPS Family

Since Zach is our main guy, I figure his season preview (just below) calls for something special.  You know how Zach's close friends call themselves the HOOPS Family?  Well, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery (and tongues planted pretty firmly in cheeks) we Edge-o-philes need to form one of our own.  Except in this case "HOOPS" stands for:


Our family is here to assist the players in the finer points of professional and public interaction which they might have missed heretofore, to their detriment and possible embarrassment.  I mean, these guys aren't evil, they just don't know better, right?  It will be good for both the veterans who can't seem to keep from getting into trouble on and off the job and the young guys looking to find their way.

You can help in one or both of these ways:

A.  Give a solid piece of advice on how to be professional on the job that might be useful to a pro athlete.  This could be about interacting with coworkers, the boss, and the customers, or just general tips on professionalism.  The players could apply them when dealing with other players, the coach, the fans, and the organization.

B.  Since some of our guys can't find anything better to do with their off time than drag race and watch simulated sex, we need to open up Portland's possibilities to them.  Pretend you had a couple million bucks burning a hole in your pocket.  What would you do for fun that wouldn't terminally embarrass yourself and the company everybody knows you work for?  (Could be activities, hobbies, great places to eat or things to see, could be lots of stuff.)

To get the ball rolling I will say...

A.  If you want to be looked at as a company leader, don't show up late to the first presentation of the year, leaving the boss and your colleagues thinking about where you are instead of the task at hand.


B.  Hop in your fancy car and take a trip to the coast for the day.  The ocean is beautiful, you can afford to eat at the best restaurants, and the drive is just made to show off the finer points of that vehicle you're driving.

Add on at your leisure.

--Dave (