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Patterson as GM?

As Damir was kind enough to point out in his diary, John Canzano is reporting that Steve Patterson is the "new" Blazer GM.

I'm told by a source at One Center Court that president Steve Patterson will be named general manager later tonight by the Trail Blazers. Patterson gets the "interim GM" tag removed and gets the full-time gig.

Player personnel director Kevin Pritchard, a leading candidate for the general manager position, will named assistant general manager and apparently receive a three-year deal, according to the source.

My initial response:

It may be indicative that Pritchard actually has a three year deal while Patterson's expires at the end of this season and is not being extended at this time.  It's not completely out of the realm of possibility that they want SP's services for one more year and so gave him the title to retain him.  KP would spend one more season serving behind the scenes, gaining experience, and concentrating heavily on next year's make-or-break draft and then step up to fill the broader role after next season.  That would also let KP start on a potential upswing.  Plus if there are "cut off your hand to spite your face" deals pending for Zach and Darius they go on Patterson's ledger, not Pritchard's.  (That would be an awfully tough thing to be known for in your initial year.)  Of course I'm just speculating, but I think there's enough wiggle room here to leave the possibility of KP as eventual GM open.  

Unconfirmed rumor has it that the phrase used about Patterson on Courtside Monday Night was that he'd be "here for the foreseeable future".  That probably should be taken at face value right now, but if you heard that phrase used to describe a coach he'd probably be out the door, especially if his contract expired at the end of the year.  Even if he eventually gave up the GM title he might remain team president though.

Who knows what goes on in the halls of Blazer management?  I gave up trying to understand a long time ago.  For now it's probably good that things are settled and congratulations are in order for both Mr. Patterson and Mr. Pritchard.

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