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Aldridge for Melo = Ring

Pacers want the #2


This is from the Yahoo! Sports article by Wojnarowski. In it, there's a little snippet about Indiana making Roy Hibbert available in a trade that nets them the #2 pick. So far it seems Minnesota isn't biting. _____________________________________________ "With an eye on drafting Arizona’s Derrick Williams, the Indiana Pacers have discussed a package including center Roy Hibbert and the 15th pick for the Minnesota Timberwolves’ second overall pick, league sources said. Nevertheless, the overture hasn’t gained traction in Minnesota. " ______________________________________________ I don't know about anybody else, but this is exactly the kind of deal Portland should get involved with to net us Hibbert. Would it be possible to steal Darren Collison in the process? One can only hope.

Dwight Jaynes follow up article


Here's Dwight Jaynes' follow piece on the trade idea. It's not very insightful. He applauds the Steve Nash idea (yuck), mentions Felton, who would be an ok consolation prize if we were getting something more, Johnny Flynn (seriously?), and Tony Parker...along with Antonio McDyess, who I'm pretty sure saw was going to retire, but Parker would be my number 1 choice outside of Deron Williams if it were possible. Obviously these are my opinions, feel free to form your own. I'm not sure why Devin Harris isn't mentioned when Utah is shopping him so hard right now, and I'm surprised he doesn't mention Chris Paul....lol. http://www.csnnw.com/pages/landingdwight?Getting-down-to-business-what-sort-of-ve=1&blockID=536374


Who would be complementary to Aldridge's game?

As the trading deadline approaches, there's been plenty of talk about who the Blazers should trade for and what direction the team should take. As far as direction (I'll try to avoid pessimism in...


would acquiring Gilbert Arenas be a good move for the blazers and how would fans react?

I was reading about Gilbert's comments about washington being "Wall's City" and it got me thinking about his next destination if he was to move. as a blazers fan my first two reactions where would...

Captain Jack Has Abandoned Ship


Stephen Jackson is looking to leave the Warriors in search of the championship. "I don't think I'll be a Warrior next year. I'm looking to leave," He's listed the Texas teams, Cleveland and the Knicks as desired destinations. When did everyone get so....goal orientated? What happened to the money, the women and the cars? It's just not right.


This is exactly what we need

A 3 way trade that puts us in immediate contention for a title and works for all 3 teams involved. http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=d5eoyj

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