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Wells: Pacers To Match Blazers' Offer To RFA C Roy Hibbert


Mike Wells of Indianapolis Star reports on Twitter that the Indiana Pacers will match the Portland Trail Blazers' offer to restricted free agent center Roy Hibbert.

Royce White & Portland Culture


Recently we've discussed Greg Oden and Portland. He has reportedly said that Portland just wasn't the right place for him. With Royce White's anxiety problems I'd argue that Portland is the PERFECT place for him, with its friendly atmosphere and little big city mentality. If we end up trading back in the draft and picking up a lowry or millsap or any other asset I would be in favor of picking up White. Could be a steal, anxiety issues seem overblown. Thoughts?

How do we bring BIG names to SMALL cities?


There has been ample discussion on how to go about acquiring names like Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, James Harden, and so forth. This old insidehoops thread got me contemplating the reality of the FA Market. (the content of the thread is not worth reading it was just fodder for thought) Aside from $$$, what are some other reasons for a player to uproot from a big market and relocate to the NW long term? What business, endorsement, real estate, lifestyle, etc opportunities are available for them? It made sense for B-Roy and Jamal Crawford as they call this area home. Joel Przybilla also came out of retirement to play for the Blazers after turning down the Heat because he thought Portland was a great place to raise his family. I see a pattern here, but this obviously is not going to attract top stock. Our fans are the best. Why else should FAs come here?



Patty Mills has finally been released from his CBA contract after being released by the Xinjiang Flying Tigers for 'supposedly' faking an injury. He is hopeful to get back in the NBA, with teams such as the Lakers possibly interested in him. Seeing as Portland still owns his rights, do we keep him or trade him? His speed and shooting could prove valuable to any team. What do you all think?

Blazers '10-'11 Printable Schedule


For those of you (like me) who want to post the schedule on their fridge for easy reference, I created this printable schedule for your convenience.

Interesting Miller Read


A revealing 2008 interview with Miller and his mother.

Blazers T-Shirts


Hey guys. I decided to put my limited design knowledge to use and offer up a few t-shirts with my beloved Blazers as the theme. Hope you like 'em. Check them out.

Dime Mag Shows Respect for Premium Cut of Local Media


Dime Magazine offers a snippet of a Blazer's Edge post published earlier this week regarding the financial situation of the NBA. Congrats Dave!

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